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His poetry in English has been published in Poetry Pause, Fresh Voices, Harbinger Asylum, Akshara, Impspired, Piker Press, Scarlet Leaf Review, Dissident Voice, and Setu.



Dharmpal Mahendra Jain

Toronto, Canada


Born in India in 1952 at Ranapur, Dist. Jhabua.

Masters in Physics, Hindi and Economics

Publications in Hindi: Five collections of satirical essays – Dollar ka note, Bheed aur Bhediye, ‘Emoji ki mouj mein’,Dimag walo Savdhan’  & ‘Sar kyn daant faadh rahaa hai’, and two collection of poetry – Kuch Sam Kuch Visham and Is Samay Tak. More than 800 essays/poems published in prominent journals. Participation in over 25 anthologies.

Columnist for Chankya Varta (fortnightly), Setu (monthly), Vishwa gatha and Vishwa.

Work profile: Worked with DeepTrans Group as their CEO from 2001.

Joined Bank of India in 1974 and worked as Manager at their branch offices. Worked as Astt. Vice President at bank’s New York office from 1993 to 1998.

Managing Editor, Shashwat Dharm monthly (1976-79), and on Editorial Board of Swadesh Daily in 1972.

He also worked as a guest editor (2021 and 2022) for a thematic issue of Vishwa Gatha on Hindi Satires

Voluntary Services: International Advisor, Chankya Varata.

Volunteered as Director at IFC under Ministry of Corrections in Canada, as Board Member and Trustee with Jain Society of Toronto, Inc. and Director at JAINA (Federation of Jain Associations in North America). Served as a member on various committees Including Indian Consulate and Permanent Mission of India in New York.


  Dharmpal Mahendra Jain                                                                            with                                                                             Sunil Sharma

Dharm, Sunil, and Suman listening to Tom Hamilton                                                                                                       at SBILF, Toronto